Who am I?

As an SEO copywriter, I use content strategy to help business increase their web presence  by building reputation, connecting and engaging their industry and audience, and drive qualified traffic and sales.

Whether its blogging, landing page copy, article marketing, social media, or any other web communications – I focus on creaitng user (and robot) friendly copy that’s consistent across all marketing channels and creatively develops the conversation with the reader/user. When your company focuses on the details within the conversation, an optimized user experience prevails and the bottom line follows.

Content is alive – It lives and breathes on the web.

Creating effective content isn’t enough. A successful content strategy involves monitoring and analyzing the entire experience.  Where are your users coming from? How are they finding you? Where are they going? How long are they staying? Why are they leaving? Answering these questions, and more, allow you to create a successful lead-generation and sales funnel.

Whether it’s paid or organic search, retargeted marketing, or content strategy – my focus is on putting your brand in front of qualified customers, and using effective web copywriting to creative a conversational tone that guides users through the entire experience.

The conversation doesn’t end on the web…

I’m confident producing content across a variety of print channels too. The idea is to create a piece of copy that speak to your business’s goals by engaging the customer on their level, and through their voice – whichever tone that may be. Technical copy? No problem.

I welcome any challenge.


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